The Jura. A rough, gracious and mystical mountain range, situated on the French and Swiss border. Parallel to that atmosphere flows the music of singer Jan Blaauw and guitarist Ruben Hoeke.

Jan Blaauw, born mid ‘60s, grows up in the center of a navy stronghold. A place filled with misplaced arrogance and distrust. As a little lad, he spends his time staring at the sea, thinking of faraway countries where most of his relatives had moved to. The Beatles splitting up, Vietnam, mankind landing on the moon, the Cold War... it all helped to shape his creativity and love for the Blues. A music style he appreciated and understood since boyhood.

Ruben Hoeke dreamed of being a professional football player in the Dutch national football team. Until someone played him the guitar intro to the Guns N’ Roses classic ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’. That’s when he exactly knew what he wanted to do. Inspired by this haunting guitar riff, he immediately decided to trade his football for a guitar and just… started playing. Playing Holland, Europe, America. Playing live shows anywhere, anytime. By now, age 38, Ruben is regarded as one of Holland’s finest guitar players around and winner of many awards.


Back in 2002, Jan and Ruben cross paths. They seem to share the same love for the Blues and intimate, ‘storytelling’ songs and start to cooperate. Seated around an old dinner table with just a guitar, pen and paper the songs quickly came to life. Both musicians appear to be a perfect match in creating and composing music.

Subjects weren’t that hard to find. Day to day thoughts, wondering, loving, losing, caring, all passed by. While both musicians were inspired by the blues, many different styles emerged along the way. Country, Pop, Blues, Ballads, Rock ‘n Roll. They named their project JURA, formed a band and recorded their debut album ‘Freedom Road’, launched in June 2003. A short tour followed. Than it turned quiet. Ruben and Jan both went their own separate ways. Although every now and then they did share the same stage, the JURA songs, sadly, were never played again. Until 2013.

An unexpected invitation to play an acoustic concert reunites JURA again. They decided that this time, they would perform the songs exactly how they were created at that dinner table all those years ago. After all; the songs still seemed relevant when performed by just a guitar and a voice. It felt good. The audience response was overwhelming. Both musicians started writing again and noticed that the urge to compose and create still proved to be as strong as it ever was.

JURA, also an anagram of the first two letters of their first names, writes songs about the good and bad things in life. About freedom, despair and love. Each song is brought to you in a unique and special way.

JURA's album 'River Songs' guides you through beautiful, yet sometimes rough times and takes you through emotional landscapes that are in fact always there, but rarely noticed.

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